BION Nominated for Two Subby Awards

BION is honored to be nominated for two of the 2018 American Subcontractor Association’s Subby Awards, Safe Subcontractor of the Year and Great Team. The everyday intricacies of service and construction work, especially in occupied healthcare environments, tend to push tight deadlines, budget constraints and satisfied clients to the forefront. We agree these are all important aspects of successful projects; however, our focus is to continue to keep safety and teamwork our top priorities.

Much effort from all staff members at BION, from the owners to the newest employee, is utilized to put safety ahead of the typical project issues. To assist with our commitment to safety, we are growing a team  ensuring the safety of all employees. The dedication of every BION employee has helped us to maintain safe job site environments, an extremely low insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR), and this nomination.

We consider each employee a family member and as such, their safety is our first concern. Building a culture of safety, providing ongoing safety training and maintaining the proper safety equipment is not only a top priority for us but it’s a part of our everyday planning and routine. Some of the ways we accomplish this is with new employee safety orientations, rigorous safety training conducted weekly, and site conditions-specific training.

Our nomination for Great Team developed from our partnership with the area’s best contractors, which include L2 Construction Management Corporation, J.B. Wyble and Associates, VarcoMac Electrical Construction Company, and VSC Fire & Security. Together, we worked on the Inova Fairfax Hospital Immediate Needs Project, a complicated infrastructure upgrade that included major updates to the mechanical, plumbing, medical gas and electrical systems.

Over the course of 13 months,  extreme coordination and planning were needed to prevent any interruption to the operating rooms suite. All involved had input into the schedule and methods of construction.  The level of open and cooperative communication played a significant role in completing this project on time and without disruption to the patients and staff.

We are grateful to all those that nominated us for the incredibly important award, and are proud to be among the nominees.