Job Shadowing Offers Experiential Learning for WVU Student

BION Proudly Worked with West Virginia University’s Mechanical Engineering Student James P. Bailey.

James shadowed BION’s Project Manager Chris Lane on the Inova Fairfax Hospital Professional Building Renovation Project. BION takes  pride in knowing that we are shaping, motivating, and helping to lead the vision of today’s youth.

James wanted to share his positive experience with others and here’s what he had to say:

I interviewed Chris while we were job shadowing and also had the opportunity to interview Dave, Foreman and James, Foreman. Through my job shadowing and interviews, I learned that this field requires the ability to deal with many people every day, being able to discover issues and come up with solutions as quickly as possible to remain under budget and to cut down on labor costs.

One big thing I noticed was how much communication, as well as labor, goes into the work that is done. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning the process of talking to many people about the main issues and solutions that were being worked on while I was there.

I believe I would enjoy working in this field in the future because I am one who can problem solve on the fly and I have the ability to talk to people and talk out solutions and grievances. I felt the people that I met were genuine.  Everyone was open to talking to me and/or allowing me to observe the work that was going on. When they spoke to me, they looked me in the eye.  I don’t find that to be common with many people I meet.  I appreciate and respect that.

I would like to thank Josie, Chris, Dave, James and the many others that helped coordinate my visit and that spoke with me and allowed me to observe the day-to-day operation of BION, inc.