BION Cleans up at the PHCC National Conference in Cleveland.

PHCC offers only two categories for Apprentice of the Year – AND BION staff members took both awards!!

We could not be prouder of Tyler and Tony for taking the National Apprentice of the Year Award for both HVAC and Plumbing!

This award recognizes the outstanding skill and achievements of individuals who are enrolled in a plumbing or HVAC training programs around the nation. The award was presented on October 27 at the PHCC’s 2023 Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  In addition to the winning the awards Tyler and Tony were given the opportunity to attend technical and leadership-based classes that will only enhance their ability to do the jobs here at BION!

Thank you for your passion and dedication to your profession, and again congratulations on this wonderful achievement. It is an honor well deserved!

In addition, we would like to congratulation  Danny Morrissey and Patrick Runyon for competing in the National HVAC competition in Cleveland, Ohio.

For the HVAC contest, there is specific scoring criteria based on completion, process, and errors made. Their projects were individually judged based on accuracy, completion, neatness, and safety.

While Danny and Patrick were not able to win at Nationals, they did an amazing job on their projects and BION could not be prouder of their achievements. Danny and Patrick were also very thankful to have our own John Fitzgerald in attendance as it helped to give them the confidence and encouragement they needed to do their best.