Current and Future Projects

Local area facilities rely on BION's highly specialized staff and proven healthcare expertise to tackle their most difficult projects.




Telestar is the renovation of a four story building that must be completed in four months to allow owner occupancy. Coordination efforts include working with currently occupied floors. Given the schedule and current occupants, the project requires both day and night crews working in shifts. The mechanical work includes replacing the majority of the HVAC system to include: 5 Air Handling Units, 280 Fan Coil Units, 2 Chillers and converting the existing pneumatic ATC System to 100% DDC. Check back frequently for construction updates.


Fairfax Hospital South Patient Tower

The partnership of Shapiro & Duncan and BION has been awarded the mechanical construction work for the new South Patient Tower at Fairfax Hospital. The project consists of adding a new 11 story patient tower adjacent to the existing patient tower. In addition to patient rooms, it includes an ultrasound suite, cafe, and the addition of a cooling tower at the power plant. Check back frequently for construction updates.


Fair Oaks Hospital Histology Lab/Morgue Renovation

The project includes phased renovation of interior space for a histology lab, offices, IT space and reconfiguration of the existing morgue. The work also includes providing space for a temporary grossing area while the project is under construction.

All work outside the renovation space, including the new chilled water piping serving a new custom air handling unit serving the new lab/morgue space, is being performed off-hours. We are utilizing copper pipe and the Viega pipe fitting system in order to eliminate the need for brazing or welding in the occupied spaces.


Mount Vernon Hospital Radiology Renovation

Phased renovation of existing radiology department and replacement of the Interventional Radiology Imaging System. The work consists of providing HVAC, plumbing and medical gas systems for the new special procedure room, radiology reading room, nurse station, six prep holding bays, and other support spaces.

Loudoun Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center Renovation

Ambulatory Care Renovation project including phased renovation of an interior space for a new treatment room, four patient bays, soiled utility, various support spaces and the addition of an operating room grade rooftop air handling system.

Fairfax Hospital Patient Tower Renovation

The project consists of infrastructure renovation in an existing building to make ready for a new 11 story adjacent building.

As part of this project, BION coordinated and successfully completed the placement of an air handling unit utilizing a 550 ton crane. The crane required 17 trucks to transport it to the job site. A crane of such magnitude was required due to the extensive distance that needed to be reached to place the air handling unit safely. The coordination involved precise communication between BION and the crane company, GC, VDOT, IFH Safety & Security, the hospital staff and Fairfax County Police.

Fairfax Hospital Pharmacy Consolidation

The project consists of the renovation of an existing parking garage at the basement level of the hospital. The renovation includes the enclosure of the open parking structure, construction of the main IFH pharmacy with automated dispensing, pharmacy staff offices along with a clean room.