Fair Oaks Hospital Histology Lab/Morgue Renovation

The project included phased renovation of interior space for a histology lab, offices, IT space and reconfiguration of the existing morgue. It also provided space for a temporary grossing area while the project was under construction. All work outside the renovation space, including the new chilled water piping for a new, custom air handling unit serving the lab/morgue space, was being performed off-hours. BION utilized copper pipe and the Viega pipe fitting system in order to eliminate the need for brazing

BION Vice President Josie Geiger Completes Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, DC

BION’s own Josie Geiger joined thousands of others in a charity walk to benefit breast cancer. More than 2,900 participants raised $6.5 million dollars for research, awareness and access to treatment. The walk consisted of two days and a total of 39.3 miles; day one was 26.2 miles with day two ending after 13.1 miles. The walk took participants from the Washington Monument, past the Capital Buildings, the White House, through Georgetown and even past the Mormon Temple! It was often

BION Oversees Use of 550-Ton Crane at Fairfax Hospital

BION successfully coordinated the placement of an air handling unit at Fairfax Hospital, utilizing a 550-ton crane. It required 17 trucks to transport the crane to the job site. A crane of such magnitude was required due to the extensive distance that needed to be covered to safely place the air handling unit. A project of this scale called for precise communication between a number of organizations and agencies: BION coordinated with Gulf Coast Crane Services, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT),

BION Awarded Inova Fairfax Hospital Pharmacy Consolidation Project

BION was awarded the Inova Fairfax Hospital’s Pharmacy Consolidation with Clean Room Installation Project.  The project consisted of the renovation of an existing parking garage at the basement level of the hospital. The renovation included the enclosure of the open parking structure, construction of the hospital’s main pharmacy with automated dispensing, pharmacy staff offices and a clean room. Our staff has over 20 years of working experience at Fairfax Hospital.  This experience allowed us an edge that facilitated a smoother construction