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Broad Experience, Focused Expertise

We specialize in healthcare because you do

Unlike other mechanical contractors, BION specializes in the field of healthcare. BION's highly-skilled employees have extensive experience and a proven reputation of excellence in delivering quality solutions to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Our expertise includes commercial HVAC, plumbing and medical gas installations, renovations and service projects. At BION, we work closely with owners, engineers, and end users to provide state of the art services and solutions with the patient being our first priority.


Some of the best healthcare mechanics are at BION. They are very knowledgeable on acute-care hospital plumbing, mechanical, controls, and medical gas systems. I’ve worked with many of these guys over the last 20 years and continue to rely on them - they are proven and time-tested."

- Mark Ehret
AVP Design & Construction
Inova Health Systems